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Capital2Coast have smartly and quickly implemented a very effective parking enforcement strategy on our two sites. Within 6 weeks, revenue from lost car parking charges has improved

M Smith, Pearl and Coutts

Working with C2C has improved the management of our car parks more than we could have hoped, and has helped us meet the needs of our customers. Prior to working with C2C, we had two main problems with making sure people used our car parks considerately and legitimately. Firstly, we were unable to patrol the sites 24-hours-a-day, meaning for example that we couldn't help someone who returned to a parking space at 2am only to find someone else parked there, and secondly, our outdated system of protecting our parking spaces with 'parking posts' was costing us money in replacement costs and compensation for drivers who damaged their cars on them.

, Portsmouth City Council

We chose C2C because their attitude was strongly customer-focused. From the outset they were honest about the service they could provide, and flexible in meeting particular requirements at individual sites (for example in exempting our contractor vehicles where required). Since working with them we have increased the number of sites they patrol for us, and we have plans to double this number during 2013.

, Residential Property Manager

Introducing a new parking scheme at a site with Capital2Coast shows an interesting evolution. At first, the regular offenders, those who don't care about parking irresponsibly, continue to offend. Some ignore the first FCN, a few ignore the second. But because the patrols by C2C are frequent and regular, offenders realise we are not joking about enforcing legitimate parking on our sites, and the problems soon go away. I would strongly recommend C2C as a good company to work with if you need parking enforcement.

, Portsmouth Port